Consulting Resource Model and Quality Processes

Resource Model

20% FT 80% Associate currently. This can fluctuate with market conditions although we try and remain heavy on the Associate side to maintain competitive pricing. The majority of our current Associates have worked for Essential Consulting on a number of occasions on continuous projects which reduces the risk to ourselves and to our end clients.

Quality Process

In line with our framework agreements with our clients, we carry out all necessary PES checks prior to a consultant starting on site. If we buy skills in from the market, we undergo a number of rigorous protocols to mitigate the associated risk of doing so. This includes interviews, detailed referencing which includes a scoring mechanism to ensure top quartile consultants are engaged, Credit checks and CRB.

Staff Retention

The majority of our associate consultants on site are on bonus retainers. This runs in parallel with the contract and is only paid if offers of extension are accepted. This significantly reduces the risk to our clients & Essential Consulting of consultants rolling off a contract prematurely or not accepting an offer of extension.

Service Performance

Essential Consulting aim to respond within 3 working days from inception of a requirement to delivery of a solution. This timeframe can fluctuate with market conditions, complexity of role function, scarcity of technical specification etc. In there circumstances, our end clients expectations are managed according.

Head Office Manchester

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